CS Mining - Barite Group, is formed of 9 companies located in Turkey, Morocco, Canada and Unites States of America, which are respectively ADO Mining, Baser Mining, AL Mining, ADO Mining Limited Partnership, ADO-BASER Mining, ADO Barite Morocco, Baraka Mining (Exploration Mine Import-Export), ADO Technologies Canada and ADO USA LLC.

CS Mining - Barite Group of Companies, is committed to provide high-quality products and distinguished services with worldwide known barite deposits, latest processing methods and excellent expertise that adds value towards our customers in wide range of industries.

Our group continuously invests in technical production improvements and enlarges its strategic network of manufacturing/shipping locations. This enables us to enlarge our product range for a wide variety of industries, and to serve them with the highest quality, reliable service, sustainable and on-time delivery including Door to Door DAP delivery capabilities.

CS Global Mining Group Companies
OUR MISSION To meet global norms and exceed customer expectations in providing highest quality products and services while respecting environmental values in full.
OUR VISION To become a leading global company recognized for its quality and reliability, and to be preferred in every continent with our products and services.
OUR VALUES Excellence in Service and On-time Delivery, Continuous Improvement and Innovation to increase Sustainability and Productivity, Integrity, Respect, Teamwork.
Our Values
We build long-term constructive relationships and work collaboratively with our employees and our partners, especially our customers, by taking the teamwork as basis.
We fulfill our commitments and goals by focusing on the results and by creatively overcoming the challenges. We set clear objectives to achieve our goals, focus on our activities, take responsibilities in time, despite the difficulties, obstacles and complete the work we promised.
We bring our exceptional industry experience to the business community through a combination of digital media and live summits, providing our customers with cutting-edge insights to drive growth in the constantly changing business environment.
Productivity / Sustainability
We give priority to our customers. We offer the solutions they need ontime to meet their expectations.
Result Oriented
We reach the highest level and ensure continuity in terms of our employees, products and services.We provide an innovative working environment and maintain the learning culture to develop knowledge about our business. We meet the needs of customers, our operations, our employees and the safety requirements.
We are looking for new ways of doing our job with the flawless service that is our distinguishing feature from our competitors.
Customer Oriented
We care, respect our partners and the environment, and strive for to add value to the society. We respect different cultures, communities and points of view.
We place the highest priority to our customers. We provide highest quality products and services on time and above their expectations with excellence.
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