We offer micronized barite product line for various industries such are Filling and General Chemical Industries with the characteristics of

  • High Purity and Density
  • Excellent Whiteness and Brightness
  • Fine Particular Size
  • Low Oil Absorption
  • Low Solubility
  • Chemical inertness
  • High UV and Scrub Resistance
  • Resistance to acid and alkali
  • Low abrasiveness




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Paint & Coating

Barite (Baryte, BaSO4, Natural Barium Sulfate)

Barite has various applications in Paint & Coating Industry.

By Task

  • Primer
  • Sealers
  • Topcoat

By whether it contains solvent

  • Solventless
  • Waterborne
  • Solventbased

By the places of usage

  • Industrial/Automotive
  • Road Marking
  • Powder Coating
  • Marine
  • Decorative

By the type of resin/binder it contains

  • Alkyd/Synthetic
  • Acryrilic
  • Epoxy
  • Cellulosic

For Paint & Coating Industry, Barite can be characterised by:

  • Good whiteness and excellent brightness
  • High resistance to the action of acids and alkalis
  • High purity and chemically inert
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • More isodiametric particles
  • Low oil-absorption
  • Low abrasiveness due to low silica content

We offer important solutions for Paint & Coatings

  • Gloss and viscosity control
  • Easy wetting and easy to disperse
  • Stabilization and homogenization
  • TiO2 substitution
  • Fast drying
  • Good UV and scrub resistance


Barit (Baryte, BaSO4, Natural Barium Sulfate)

Barite; It is one of the important filling materials for brake linings thanks to its inertness, high density, wear resistance and stability at high temperatures.

Barite is used in the manufacture of brake pads/lining as a filler material and provides various solutions for the automotive and railway industries.

  • High density and chemical inertness
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chemical stability
  • High braking performance
  • High mechanical reinforcement
  • Low production costs

Plastic & Rubber Compounds

Barite (Baryte, BaSO4, Natural Barium Sulfate)

Barite is a key material for manufacturers of pipes, automobile components, toys, and PVC areas_of_usage.

Barite provides excellent properties to polymers in high percentages due to low resin demand and because of low oil absorption and good processing rheology.

Barite is used as a weighting filler in rubber to make "anti-sail" mud laps for trucks. Due to its resistance to chemical factors, it increases the resistance of the material and lowers the cost by reducing the amount of rubber per unit volume.

  • High density and chemical inertness
  • High purity and density
  • High durability
  • High resistance to acid and alkali
  • High chemical inertness

Sound Absorption

Barite (Baryte, BaSO4, Natural Barium Sulfate)

Barite has various applications in Sound Absorption..

Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, Barite (BaSO4) is used in various sound insulation parts to prevent engine noise from reaching the interior of the vehicle.

Silent Pipe and Waste Water Systems

Barite (BaSO4) is preferred to use as a noise suppressor in High Filled Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) sewage and sewage pipes. Since the density of PP and PE is low, the noise becomes a problem. For this reason, it is more suitable to use barite, which has a much higher density than calcite, as a filler.

Polyurethane Plate

One of the main areas where Barite (BaSO4) used for sound insulation is polyurethane foam carpet underlays and mats. In this application, barite filling improves the quality of the product due to its sound damping feature. In addition to its flexibility and high density, it is highly preferred because of its chemical inertness.


Barite (Baryte, BaSO4, Natural Barium Sulfate)

Widely used in flooring, especially in the epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings. It provides some properties to floorings such as noise and heat reduction and improves physical properties.

Casting & Moulding Releasing

Barite (Baryte, BaSO4, Natural Barium Sulfate)

Used in the copper anode plate casting as the copper anode plate casting molding releasing agent.


As barium sulfate has a high burning point and is insoluble in water, it is used as a coating material in the casting of copper anode plates. The anode plates cast in copper molds, so to avoid the contact of the liquid copper and the solid copper mold, a solution of barium sulfate in water is used as a coating material on the mold surface. Thus when the liquid copper solidifies in form of an anode plate it can be easily released from its mold.

We offer essential solutions for Casting Releasing

  • Barite provides high performance in the preparation of mould wash as its inertness.
  • The use of barite with a particle size suitable for the spraying system prevents the nozzles from clogging.


Barite (Baryte, BaSO4, Natural Barium Sulfate)

The aggregate production line is one of our finished product categories produced on the enrichment facilities for primarily to the construction industry.

Barium Sulfate provides important properties

  • In the production of mortar and paste to increase mechanical and chemical resistance decreasing resin costs.
  • In the production of heavy concrete due to its high density. In concrete applications, Barite produces a lower heat of hydration compared to a standard mixture, increasing compressive strength.
  • In the construction of X-ray rooms as it provides concrete production and radiation blocking.
  • In the Gastrointestinal system as its high density and the ability to prevent x-ray penetration.
  • In Atom reactors due to its ability to block neutrons.
  • Strengthening the blocks used for anchoring ships in ports and reducing noise when used in metal frames and glass assembly.

Oil & Gas

Barite (Baryte, BaSO4, Natural Barium Sulfate)

In the petroleum industry, Barite is used as a weighting agent in drilling mud formulation. It increases the hydrostatic pressure of the slurry and provides compensation for the high-pressure areas encountered during drilling. The softness of the mineral also prevents it from damaging the drilling tools during drilling and allows it to act as a lubricant. 

Oil & Gas drilling grade barite product line including any size type of product meets API13A, OCMA Barite standards and have been supplied to worldwide leading oil and gas service companies for drilling applications. 

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